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Hidden Valley Cabins and
Tropical Energy Solutions
have bundled their experiences and developed practical workshops to de-mystify the world of renewable energy generation.

Are you still running a diesel generator? You should participate to benefit from the wealth of knowledge that the McLennan family has accumulated over the past 20 years of solar operations.

Hidden Valley Cabins began with experimental solar systems and progressed to an automatic, self-sufficient power system that supplies the entire resort with reliable 240V AC power.

Since the system was commissioned in December 2007 the generator has burnt only 400 litres of fuel. The guests appreciate the completely silent, emission-free operation and their word-of-mouth marketing has been more effective than any previous advertising campaign.

Payback periods for these systems can be less than 2 years, meaning this workshop can save you thousands of dollars.

What you will learn
1. Understand how renewable power systems work , the challenges and opportunities

2. Learn how to analyse a system design and how to negotiate with the installer

3. Find out what renewable power systems really cost. Hidden Valley Cabins will share their experience so you can make informed decisions when dealing with suppliers

4. Know the currently available funding programs and their specific requirements

Workshops are limited to 10 participants to pay attention to the participants requirements.




Starting Time

Fee incl. GST



12.00 midday

$ 699.00 pp

The fee includes all materials, accommodation, meals and some beverages.

Hidden Valley Cabins solar system and inverter data are used for practical exercises, giving you the opportunity to live and interact with solar power for two days. 

  • Load Auditing and Load Profiling
  • Load Management opportunities
  • Principle of Operation in off-grid power supply systems
  • Review of component technologies, including types of Photovoltaic Solar Panels, Battery Banks, Inverter and Charger Systems, Data logging options, etc.
  • Examples of System Configurations for typical applications
  • Practical System Operation and Maintenance
  • Examples of solar yield and system cost calculations
  • Overview of available funding programmes and government assistance

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Frank Dallmeyer is an experienced engineer, lecturer and the director of Tropical Energy Solutions in Townsville. His career started in Germany following the completion of a post-graduate Engineering Degree. Since 1999 he has lived and worked in Australia. He has comprehensive knowledge of the local standards as well as of the international markets and supply chains for renewable energy systems.

Tropical Energy Solutions Pty Ltd designs clean, reliable and affordable power systems that meet the specific requirements of tropical environments.

The Venue
Hidden Valley Cabins is an Australian Tourism Award winning eco resort. They are also Australia's 1st carbon neutral resort and tour company and operate on 100% solar power which gave them the advanced eco-certified status. They are fully committed to environmental sustainability and constantly seek new ways to minimize their eco footprint. Living and working with solar systems for 20 years made them qualified experts in solar systems and their reliable operation. 

For bookings please contact Hidden Valley Cabins                                                                         
Tel. 07 4770 8088 or

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