The original Hidden Valley Cabins were established in 1982 to cater for timber cutters, tin miners and graziers in the area.

Hidden Valley Cabins has been owned and operated by Ian and Bonnie McLennan for the last 24 years. They bought the property in 1986 and knocked down the existing buildings and rebuilt the entire resort. The frame work and roof trusses are made from selectively logged local hard wood, the cladding on the outside from the buildings are recycled railway sleeper off cuts that were commissioned to be burnt if not purchased by the McLennan’s. Substantial amount of re vegetation took place to replace any native trees or plants lost in the construction.


There have been two sets of owners before the current owners Bonnie and Ian McLennan. Bonnie and Ian McLennan were themselves tin miners for eight years before they bought the cabins in 1986.

The McLennan’s were extremely environmentally conscious and this saw the birth of their relationship with renewable energy.

It took two years to landscape, add the pool, build new cabins and rebuild the old ones. They also built a new shop, a restaurant and the homestead rooms.


Hidden Valley is not on grid power. The McLennan’s over the next few years tried to develop ideas to decrease their generator use therefore saving on greenhouse gasses but still giving their guests an optimum experience. In 1986 they installed 12 volt battery lighting in the cabins for guests to have lights once the generator was turned off. A battery charger charged these batteries while the generator was running. In 1988 12 volt lighting was installed in the shop and entertainment area. This then progressed to their house in 1997 and they decided to develop a small 24 volt system that would power only a few small appliances such as lighting and television.


Between 1988 and 1990 the owner/managers residence and BBQ area were built on the old house site. (Land and house was originally tin miners homestead). The business now relies mainly on tourism for its main trade. All structures were built from local timbers.

Hidden Valley Cabins is Australia's 1st solar powered and carbon-neutral resort. The McLennan's are committed to environmental sustainability. please visit our solar power page and environmentally friendly page for more information.

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